Premium Tubing

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance – A premium tube for a premium thread:

Alloy Size Range

– 1" through 5-1/2"
– Grades N-80, L-80, P-110
– C-90, T-95, C-110, Q-125, S-135

The multiple seal of the BTS™ connections guarantee leak-proof performance and sealing integrity of the connections even when subjected to a combination of loads, bending, and high internal pressure.

Chrome Size Range

– 2-3/8" through 7"
– 13Cr 85, 95, Hyp-1, Hyp-2, and UHP-15

Coated Inventory

– IPC 805 – TK-34XT

Speciality Premium Tubing

– Workstrings (Extended Length Upsets)
– 1" through 4-1/2" Grade L-80, T-95, P-110, Q-125, S-135
– Controlled Length Tubing