Premium Connections

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BTS™ Basic Features

The Benoit™ BTS-8™, BTS-6™, and BTS-4™ connections are multi-seal, high pressure Premium Integral Joint connections, designed for use under the most severe conditions, including – deep, high pressure and sour gas wells. These connections have also demonstrated exceptional performance in horizontal well completions. BTS-8™ is used on lighter weight tubing, while BTS-6™ and BTS-4™ are used on heavier weight material.

The multiple seal of the BTS™ connections guarantee leak-proof performance and sealing integrity of the connections even when subjected to a combination of loads, bending, and high internal pressure.

These combined features of the Benoit™ BTS™ provide a connection that exceeds tube body rating in tensile, burst, and collapse efficiency, reduces make-up time & problems, and offers increased sealing reliability even under the most adverse conditions.

Special Clearance

When close tubing running clearance requires smaller than standard O.D. connections, both BTS-8™ and BTS-6™ can be provided with Special Clearance outside diameters.

Make & Break Performance

All BTS™ carbon steel connections are treated with a special phosphating process to ensure optimum protection against corrosion and galling. Chrome Alloy tubing is sugar blasted and dry molly coated for protection and increased resistance to galling. These processes provide superior make-up characteristics and sealing integrity even after multiple make-and-breaks.

BTS™ "PR" (Protective Ring)

Both BTS™ connections are available with a "PR" (Protective Ring) feature in the box, which consists of a precisely machined groove at the rear of the 14º seal and a protective ring installed in the groove. During make-up, the ring is compressed and locked into position. Used mainly for internally coated tubing, the protective ring provides a completion to the internal coating as well as an effective protection of the internal metal-to-metal seal against corrosive fluids and gases, and reduces flow turbulence.

Highlights of BTS™

Application of BTS™ Tubing Connections